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Paros, Greece – Part 2

May 29, 2020

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I'm Daria Keenan

I'm a light chasing, mojito drinking, chocolate eating, nighthawk who is obsessed with my photography career. In 2013, hubby and I  spontaneously moved to the Cayman Islands on a whim. I traded the corporate heels for flip flops and have been photographing families and babies on the shores of Seven Mile Beach ever since! 

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It only took a pandemic for me to finally finish editing photos from my Greece vaca in 2018! Oh the the silver-linings πŸ™‚ In June 2018 I took a trip with my girl Monika and we island hopped Mykonos, Paros, Santorini and Athens. I blogged our Mykonos trip HERE.

I can’t really remember all the details now and I did lose half my holiday photos (go figure a photographer doesn’t back up their own photos!). But here is beautiful Paros! During our planning phase we knew we wanted to go to the main tourist islands (Santorini and Mykonos) but we also wanted to explore more. We chose Paros and we were not disappointed.

Paros is a more rustic, small and cozy little island with so much charm. There’s less crowds and just a slower pace with is so welcoming when you’re on vacation. We stayed on the main strip. It’s like a tiny little Ocean Drive πŸ™‚ with restaurants and cafes on the water. The best part is the Paros was the cheapest of the islands we toured! A pasta dish for example would cost us $8. EVERYTHING was cheaper including souvenirs.

We arrived by ferry from Mykonos. It was only an hour commute and the whole process was super easy peezy.

The island is super small. We rented a car for $35 and for $20 worth of gas made a trip around Paros stopping by all the Cycladic villages. Naoussa, Lefkes, and Parikia are the most picturesque villages in Paros.

Enjoy! I’ll be posting Santorini soon enough!

We loved the ferry! Went up to the top deck and got some sunshine while we cruised
The welcoming committee πŸ™‚
Our AIRBNB host was so kind. Picked us up and helped carry our suitcases
Our little studio space was so beautiful
This is what we opened our door to! Amazing!
It came with our own roof top patio and we watched the most amazing sunsets
Directly below us was a patio bar. Very convenient πŸ˜‰

Below is how we spent our evenings in our studio apartment before heading out and stuffing our faces haha
Fishing Village of Naousa
Fishing Village of Naousa
Fishing Village of Naousa
Fishing Village of Naousa
I had to include this photo! This is the first car I ever owned in early 2000s! So many memories! ha