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Most clients book me for that signature golden sunset session. But as much as we try to forecast the weather sometimes it does it’s own thing! We had a bit of cloud coverage for our maternity session but once that sky opened up and the sun peaked through we worked quickly!

grand cayman maternity photographers

When should I book a maternity shoot?

I often get asked this question and the answer is, it really just depends! Typically the last trimester is when we would ideally want to shoot. You want your belly to be round enough to really show in the images but you also want to be comfortable. My first pregnancy I just waddled around like the baby was going to fall out sooooo the last month was not an ideal time for me! By 7/8 months I was pretty round (thanks to all those late night drive-thru runs) so for me that was the best time. I’ll have to post my own maternity photos from 5 years ago so show you we also get behind the camera! Even if I did gain 70lbs! haha

In saying that I’ve also had some pretty agile mamas even days before they delivered. I’ve shot mothers who actually went into labour the day after our session HA. Must have been all that posing 😉

Now back to this beautiful maternity session I did a few months ago in London, Ontario!  So so in love with this mama’s look.

grand cayman family photographers london ontario
grand cayman family photographers london ontario

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grand cayman maternity photographers

I can’t express just how perfect these photos are. You captured my vision perfectly and I couldn’t appreciate it more