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London Ontario Photography | Grace Hurry Pilates Instructor

Mar 6, 2017

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I'm Daria Keenan

I'm a light chasing, mojito drinking, chocolate eating, nighthawk who is obsessed with my photography career. In 2013, hubby and I  spontaneously moved to the Cayman Islands on a whim. I traded the corporate heels for flip flops and have been photographing families and babies on the shores of Seven Mile Beach ever since! 

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London Ontario Photography | Grace Hurry Pilates Instructor


I had the absolute pleasure of capturing the lovely Gracy Hurry, a pilates instructor in Grand Cayman. We had the best evening in the golden sunset shooting at St. Pedro James Castle. Typically a venue reserved for weddings but special events but provided for a lovely backdrop for these photos. We then headed over to take some scenic shots on the ironshore. What a killer spot! It was a but tricky trying to maintain balance on the rocks but clearly it wasn’t an issue for the ever so talented Grace.  She used to be a classical trained dancer so watching her move and flow so gracefully was so inspiring and such a privilege to watch!

You can find and follow Grace below:


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Learn more about Grace:

My name is Grace Hurry and I am a Pilates instructor working at ENERGY Essential Fitness in Cricket Square. My job involves using Pilates techniques to assist in anything from rehabilitating a client from surgery, keeping a mum moving through her pregnancy or training an elite athlete for a competition. There is always a new challenge to find a way of helping someone feel and move better and it is the best feeling when people’s goals are achieved.

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I moved to Cayman two years ago with my husband, and of course the beauty of the island and its beaches have to be up there with my’ favourite’ things, but truly the best thing about Cayman is the people. We have made friends for life and they make our time here better than any beach could! I became a Pilates instructor in the most stereotypical way! I used to be a classical ballet dancer and throughout my training and career Pilates was used as a way of improving strength and flexibility. Pilates always worked for me and I liked the sound of sharing it with other people.

Needle & Thread

I then found my mentor, Rael Isacowtiz of BASI Pilates in 2014 who’s enthusiasm is contagious, and has lead to ENERGY hosting the first ever Pilates teacher training course in the Caribbean starting this month! For me the key to being a great instructor is to never stop learning about or practicing the method. Even though Pilates is drenched in traditional there is always new research and knowledge coming out which can be applied to the classical work and enhance the exercises you choose give your clients (identifying that all bodies need different exercises is also key!). Once you have the knowledge the key is to then be able to communicate it to a client. For me this means practicing it myself until I feel confident I can verbally convey the intention, movement and goal of an exercise. Then the client will get most out of the session, and hopefully come back for more! A typical day for me is waking up at 5:30am to start teaching at 6:30am. I teach for about 8 hours a day, which is mostly private clients, and a couple of group classes too. I attend boxing training twice a week with my husband with coach Ryan Barrett, and head to Bliss for yoga as much a possible.Needle & Thread

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Can we also talk about this gorgeous golden dress! It’s from a British contemporary womenswear brand called  Needle and Thread. It photographed so beautifully and flowed so nicely in the wind.

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