London Ontario Photographers | Family Portraiture


London Ontario Photographers | Family Portraiture

Hi there, thanks for coming in! I’m finally back in Grand Cayman and starting to settle back in. The worst thing about traveling is the unpacking! Uggghhh…I wish I could pay someone to do this for me.

The past two months have flown by like crazy! Seriously, I feel like I was only gone for 2 weeks! It was so needed. I needed to see my family/friends again for more than just a couple of weeks. I needed to drive around the city of London and just do normal things like go shopping, going through Timmy’s drive-thru, taking the kids to the park, or going out for girl’s nights! At the same time, I feel like because it was so busy that those two months of Shea’s life also flew by and I didn’t really absorb all his newness. With Ellie, things were so quiet was just us 3 on the island so I had her all to myself.  I guess I’m just being a paranoid mom and feeling guilty for nothing. Good thing is…I’m back on the island where life moves slow. So I’ll be enjoying the sunshine and my brand new baby for a little bit longer.

In the next upcoming weeks you’ll see more from my London shoots as I slowly get my shit together 😉  I may have taken on a little more than I can handle but how could I say no to taking photos in the fall! I was so fortunate I got so many great sunny days and wonderful clients!

Okay back to the blog post, meet the McDermott’s. One of my favourite families from Toronto. Great news for me, they’re moving to London in the new year so once we finally move back they’ll be my forever clients and friends..hehe



london-ontario-family-photographerslondon-ontario-family-photographerslondon-ontario-family-photographers_1207london-ontario-family-photographers_1204london-ontario-family-photographerslondon-ontario-family-photographers_1209london-ontario-family-photographerslondon-ontario-family-photographerssibling toddler photo inspirationlondon-ontario-family-photographers_1213london-ontario-family-photographers_1210london-ontario-family-photographersfamily wardrobe inspirationOkay you guys…how friggin hilarious is this outtake! LOL I laugh every time! She was being a monster and clearly wanted to eat me…haha…mom’s face though!

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