London Ontario Maternity Photographer | Sophia’s Beautiful Baby Bump


London Ontario Maternity Photographer | Sophia’s Beautiful Baby Bump

Maternity photography is one of my favourite sessions to photograph. When I photographed Sophia’s baby bump she was in her last couple of weeks of pregnancy. I think at this point us moms can agree that we just want baby out! I just loved Sophia’s perfect round belly. She was expecting a beautiful baby boy and well..he’s here! Since this post is a little late I can share the great news. I friend most of my clients on Facebook so I get to creep and stay up-to- date on all the details! Hehehe Baby Roman was born June 29th weighing in a healthy 9 pounds, 8 ounces and 22 inches long! No wonder she had a hard time moving around at this point! Baby Roman is oh so cute and I can’t wait to get my hands on him in September when I’m back in London. Little Roman will be one of my models during our family portrait session together! 

London Ontario Maternity Photographer

I think at this point you all know how much I love my evening light! Most of our session was overcast but the sun did peak out towards the end so we were able to capture that beautiful rim lighting!

London Ontario Maternity PhotographyLondon Ontario Maternity PhotographyLondon Ontario Maternity Photography

I’m a sucker for colour but sometimes a good black and white can speak so much more emotion! Love the above b/w!

London Ontario Maternity Photography


London Ontario Baby Bump

I know most women (I was one of them) do not like to be photographed during this time. We’re tired, we’re swollen, we feel huge…the list goes on. But I feel like it’s such an important time in your life and it’s such a shame not to document it. At this time women are the absolute essence of natural beauty! I truly believe that! So even if you’re not up for professional photos make sure you get your partner to snap some shots of you and your beautiful belly…even if it’s just as iphone pic! DO IT!

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