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Motherhood Sessions | London ON Photography | Nadine Dumas & Zaiden

When was the last time you got behind the camera and actually existed in photos with your children. It’s been a while, eh! I’m so guilty of this. I take hundreds of photos of my kids on the phone (71008 images to be exact…I just checked) and out of every 200 images I might be in one selfie.  We get so busy with our everyday life and we keep postposing getting in that photo because maybe tomorrow you’ll finally do your hair nice and snap on some makeup but the truth is rarely will it be the perfect moment to take the photo.

This is how I felt 10 months ago. I did Shea’s newborn photos myself and I had no energy to get dolled up and look decent for a photo… even if it was going to be a quick one that my husband took. 10 months have come and gone  I do not have a single image of my son and I in his first week of life (that’s not a blurry phone pic). I feel so guilty and often kick myself in the ass for just not taking the darn photo! Even with my swollen face and no make-up and dirty hair. I would love to have that one image now regardless of what I looked liked 10 months ago. I should have know better. I preach this to my clients all the time! You kids don’t care what you look like or what you weigh. They love their mothers just the way they are. This is why I was so excited for my shoot with Nadine and her little man. When she reached out to me and mentioned it’s been a while she she had nice photos of her and her son. I love these types of sessions. Mommy and me shoots are so fun and relaxed.  I just get to capture the genuine connection between you and your child. The kiddies always have fun because they get all of mommy’s attention. Thank you Nadine for letting me spend the evening with you and Zaiden.  You’re both very lucky to have each other <3

Nadine Dumas is an international health and wellness coach in Grand Cayman who is very active on instagram with inspiring messages and posts. Check out her main website here.

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