London Ontario Wedding Photographer | Rum Point Cayman Islands


London Ontario Wedding Photographer | Rum Point Cayman Islands

I absolutely loved photographing Lauren and Jason’s wedding in Rum Point in Cayman Islands. It was a cozy, romantic wedding in the backyard of Sun Salutations. Except this backyard had a beautiful beach 😉 I just love intimate weddings. You just feel the love and joy amongst family and friends. Thanks again guys for letting me capture your big day!! Enjoy the photos!



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Cake Maker: The Cake Studio {I sent them 3 different pictures, described what I wanted (which was a blend of the 3 different designs (not easy)), and they created an amazing cake. It was exactly what I wanted, only prettier. Also, I requested a cake flavor that they did not even have listed and they made that too.}

Caterer: Miss En Place

Venue: Sun Salutations Villa, Rum Point

How did you two meet?

How did he pop the question?
We traveled to Italy; two weeks backpacking the entire country. My family came from the region of Calabria Italy so once we got there it was an important part of the trip for me. He had the ring for 10 days backpacking through Italy before we got to Tropea, a small town in Calabria. As soon as we arrived, Jason had the idea to catch the sunset on the beach. We ran through the tiny streets and down a cliffside to make it to the beach in time to not miss sunset. As soon as we got to the sand thats when it happened. Jason got down and proposed to me at sunset on the beach of gorgeous Tropea, Italy. Best day of my life until 12/15/14 when we got married.

How long have you been together?
Just over two years.

What was your favorite moment(s) from the wedding?
Holding Jason’s hands, looking into his eyes, while saying our vows

How would you describe your overall wedding experience?
Amazing. Completely stress free. Beautiful.

What advice would you offer to other couples planning a destination wedding?

Do it. Tell me about your dress. Where did you find it, how did you choose it, how did you know it was the one?

I wanted a simple wedding dress, for our simple beach wedding. I loved the look of the extravagant gowns but that was not for me.. not when I was walking down the sand, rather than down an aisle in a church. I did not want my mom to spend a fortune on a dress being worn for a few hours, so we went to David’s Bridal. I found a perfect beach dress but it was missing something. Thats when my mom had the idea to add her own touch to the dress. She did an amazing job, it was incredible. Not to mention, the dress became one of a kind. It was light, breezy, elegant and even had a sexy little slit on one side. I was in love!


How was your experience taking photos/working with me on your wedding day?
Daria, you were perfect! You made us laugh when we needed big smiles, instructed us just enough but certainly not too much and even more importantly, made us feel comfortable. You made me feel beautiful, which does not happen every day. I can’t wait to find a good excuse to travel back to the Cayman Islands and have you as our photographer again!

Did you see each other before the wedding?

No, we did not do the first look. I would not have changed that for the world. It was so exciting knowing Jason was going to see me for the first time in my wedding dress just as I was walking down the aisle to him. Seeing his face, seeing the way he looked at me, that was an amazing moment. We had both pictured that moment for so long and it turned out better than we imagined.

Any tips on how to prepare for the wedding photos?

I did my own makeup. I felt more comfortable that way. For Brides that do not wear a lot of makeup, I would suggest they do the same. Since I do not wear a lot of makeup I did not want the person in my wedding pictures to be a stranger. I wanted to recognize my own face. The groom also appreciated that I had a more natural look as well, since he proposed to the girl on the beach not wearing any makeup at all.

What were you most anxious, nervous or fearful about regarding your wedding day and what was the outcome?
The weather and everyone showing up on time. Weather miraculously was perfect. Could not have been better. The wind even calmed down for 15 minutes right during the ceremony. In regards to everyone getting there on time; caterer, reverend, flowers, etc., it worked perfectly. Nothing was rushed. Everyone was there when they said they would be, most were early. it turned out perfect.

What’s one piece of advice you would give to other couples for planning their wedding?

Plan it for the two of you. Not for viewers or guests, or friends. Do not try to live up to what others have done before you. Make it personal, with things that the two of you will appreciate and remember forever.

Also…. ask the Reverand (or whoever is marrying you) to turn off his cell phone before the ceremony