London Ontario Family Photographers | Fall Portraits


London Ontario Family Photographers | Fall Portraits

I’m sitting here wrapping up my last bit of London Ontario sessions and I’m already thinking of my next visit. For those that haven’t been following me as long I’m currently temporarily living in the Cayman Islands. Grand Cayman has been home to my husband and I and our now two kiddies for the past 3 years. We moved here on a complete whim and only planned on staying here for a year or two. Well we all know how that goes….three years zoomed by and we’re still here. We will be moving back to London sooner than later but until then I only take a handful of sessions each time I’m back in town visiting.

One of those families were the DaPonte family. I can’t say enough amazing things about them. I always enjoy my time and conversation when I see them! A few weeks back I was even lucky enough to photograph Lucas’ baptism.  It’s  truly humbling to see my families grow and get to participate in their life milestones. So thank you Lili and Alexander.

Back to the pretty fall photos 🙂