Mommy & Me Contest Winners | London Ontario Photographer


It’s my second day being back in London and I’m having so much fun! Thank you everyone for playing! I had a blast reading all the entries. It’s amazing how we all have the exact same love for our little ones!


I loved each and every entry! Here’s just some of my favourites:



Marta Szczepanski: I love the bond that my two beautiful boys already Have And that it is growing daily. I love their “iwowu” to each other every night before bed, their morning kisses and the way they stand up for each other and protect one another! Just makes my heart so happy:) they make me so happy and have made me a better person

Sarah Machado: Matthew is my greatest adventure – I don’t think there is anyone with as much excitement for life then him! I love his kind, sweet, goofy,curious soul! He is the best rock, stick and bug collector, soccer junkie, incredibly hilarious, witty and just plain awesome! As we struggle with fertility issues, he reminds me that he is everything we need! The good, the bad, the ugly – its all a blessing!

Ilona Deagle: Such a tough question! I love it when I catch Makhi staring at us from the corner of his eye – just fascinated, then when he gets caught, smiles from ear to ear!

Tammy Hainer: I love when I come home from work and I see three smiling faces with excited voices announcing Mommy is home! Mommy is home! Melts my heart every time.

Anastasia Orlando: I Love how excited she gets to eat when I nurse her! As she eats she plays with my shirt and caresses my chest. Most beautiful thing! It’s like she is thanking me for feeding her. Melts my heart!

Beth Waugh: I’d actually want to win it for my Mum and I. My favourite part about my Mum (not Mom) is her adventurous spirit. From being my biggest cheerleader (literally, she did 50+ cheerleading after I did) to being the one swinging the hammer beside me during home demo (while our Hubbies were away), she’s what reminds me to always live life bigger.

Shelly-Lyne Servos: I love most the way they throw their food around after you’ve served them a nice meal…  they are darlings! Hehe.

Danielle Brown-Helwig: I love watching/listening to Aria try to talk. It’s all baby gibberish but I always wonder what she’s trying to say to me- seems like such a good story whatever it is!!  it’s the one thing that puts a smile on my face and makes me laugh no matter how bad the day!



I had my little nephew dog Reilly over so obviously he had to help draw the names 🙂


The winners of $75 session credits are 







1.  Michelle Stubnya

2. Lyla Hamid

3. Jessica Campos Reales




AND the lucky winner of the mommy and me contest is…


Karolina Stepien!! Congratulations! We’re going to make some beautiful memories!

Thank you again everyone for playing!